The Backstory

So here’s the basic story.

I’ve semi-foolishly decided to pick up and move across the ocean, forsaking everything and everyone that I know in an attempt to actually make something of my life. It’s really rather literary, if I pause to think about it. So anyway, I’ll be studying for my master’s degree in Early Modern European history while living in what I’m assuming will be a teeny tiny little room with a bathroom, and a shared kitchen. This little corner of the internet universe will be dedicated specifically to my London/European adventures, from packing as much as I can into two suitcases and a carry on bag to decorating a little space in an attempt to feel more like home to wandering around London and the photographs I take to the food I prepare on a grad-student budget to the general hi-jinx I get up to. Hopefully it will be as exciting as I hope it will be. I’m 19 days out, as it stands.

Let’s see what happens, folks. cheers.


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