Itty Bitty Living Space!

I’ve signed a lease for a room and bathroom, plus a shared kitchen with 5 other students in the neighborhood of Islington, London. It’s about a 15 minutes tube ride from campus and from what I hear the neighborhood is pretty hip (it definitely is, if the Farmer’s Market is any indication!). But living in London is not cheap in the slightest, so my room is going to be tiny and probably smaller than I’m imagining in my head right now. I’ll have to buy a duvet cover and pillows when I get over there (hello, Argos) but I’ll probably be picking up some fluffy white towels and a duvet cover to take with me. My heart is setting itself on this one from West Elm:

from the west elm website

With some nice white sheets (aka I can take them and the towels and bleach the hell out of them when necessary).

I’ve purchased two items to go on my walls, these beautiful Wind Horse prayer flags from lunarune on etsy and this stunning print that I just fell in love with by Josie Portillo called ’17 Rosaries’ (also on etsy)

17 Rosaries by Josie Portillo

I have a few small trinkets that may catch a ride in various alcoves of my suitcase, and probably some pretty magazine tears like always. But this is what I have planned for now. Pictures to come (once I’m actually overseas!)


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