Time to Pencil in a Dance Party for One

In preparation for my great jump across the pond, I’ve been buying/replacing/obtaining certain items of general importance. One of such certain items were my headphones (which were, in reality, my dad’s headphones that I took without asking and he had no idea where they went . . . sorry, daddy).

In my internet research I came across Urbanears, a company based in Stockholm that makes several amazing options for every listener. They all come with a one-year replacement warranty, a fabric cord (yes!), a microphone and remote compatible with the iPhone or Blackberry, a straight plug also compatible with the iPhone/iPod/iPad, and all come in an array of wonderful Wonka/Candyland-esque colors.

After some soul-searching, I bought the Medis, a larger in-ear bud pair with an extra grip that alleged to really keep it in your ear. I waited with bated breath, tracking my shipment as it left Stockholm, ate a croissant in Paris while I was bombarded by good ol’ Irene, and arrived well-sated on Monday.

The packaging my friends. The packaging.

I will leave the lovely insides as a surprise for those of you who are as enthralled with packaging as I am. It does not disappoint.

Alonzo (my iPod) in his new, raspberry-colo(u)red Urbanears Medis.

A note on the sound quality: Sweet, baby Jesus it is a concert in my ears. I have never experienced such a well-balanced, full sound in a pair of headphones, and I have gone through my fair share of headphones both inexpensive and otherwise. I can listen to the music at a much lower volume level and still be satisfied with my listening experience. I can hear my mother talking to me and respond without the dread “oh-my-god-why-is-my-voice-so-unnaturally-loud” affect.

The shape is fantastic. It fits snugly in my ear and no matter how much I whip my hair back and forth my earbuds do not fall out.

I’m not going to lie, at $50 these are not inexpensive (particularly when you add shipping costs from Sweden).

But they’re worth it. I swear. I really really do.*

*I was not paid for this review post nor did I benefit from it in any way. But if they felt like sending me another pair of headphones as an expression of gratitude, I’ll take a pair of Plattans, please, in Grass


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