Travel Tech

One of the biggest decisions (that’s a total lie, actually, but they feel important) is what sort of technology I’m going to bring with me. I’ll of course take my trusty macbook, Francis (all my gadgets have names, you better get used to it).


My kindle, Thornton, and his lovely case from Stash:

me and Thornton

My faithful iPod, Alonzo and his symbiotic partners (the headphones, nameless):


My brand SPANKING new iPhone (aka the most wondrous thing on earth), Charles (which must be pronounced CHAAAARlz, the super-posh way) and his lovely case from idAmerica (as yet unpictured, because he is not yet alive)

My (wonderful) grandmother asked me if I would be bringing my computer with me, and it just struck me how amazing it is that in her lifetime computers didn’t exist, then took up a whole room, then took up a desk, then half a desk, and now are easily portable, deemed absolutely essential by Generation Y kiddos like myself, and contain more technology than the first shuttle to land on the moon. I’m concerned enough about the fact that I won’t have my own printer (I prefer to read for copy on real paper), let alone not having a computer at all.

And life without an iPod is (I’m slightly sorry to say) unimaginable. I carry it everywhere with me, it is never left behind. It’s how I de-stress. When I studied abroad in Oxford, my iPod was stolen out of my bag and even though it was completely busted and couldn’t hold a charge for more than 15 minutes, I still called my mother at 5 am her time (sorry, mama) to cry. And being the loving parent she is, she mailed me my dad’s old iPod straight away.

It’s just funny how these relatively little pieces of plastic and metal become such a part of our lives (to the point where we name them).


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