Nuts and Bolts

Last night I had such grandiose plans. Plans of rising early, breakfasting on a breakfast sandwich while leisurely re-packing before taking a taxi to my new flat to settle in.

Cut to 4 am, playing solitaire on my phone because my sleep clock is in the wrong blasted time-zone and hotel sheets always make me feel like things are crawling all over me (I prefer the term ‘eccentric,’ thank you).

So of course I wake up at quarter to noon, place a frantic call to the reception desk

me (frazzled): “WHAT TIME IS CHECK OUT?!”
reception man: “11 am”
me (seeing $$): “dammit”

to which the very calm man at the desk who sounded, right hand to God, JUST like Michele from Gilmore Girls, said “don’t worryyy, ma’am, you can check out afterrr noon at no charrrge.”

Which is great because it meant they wouldn’t charge me an extra day for the room, but still NOT great because my check-in appointment at my flat complex was scheduled between 10-10:30 am. So I skipped the shower, vaguely remembered to brush my teeth, threw my hair up, tossed everything willy-nilly into my bags, called for the concierge to help me with my bags, and called for a cab (shout out to the concierge. He was awesome and sounded genuinely concerned about my plight. Probably because of my sleep-deprived crazy eyes)

I was pleasantly surprised with this here flat of mine. I share a kitchen with 5 other students but have my own bedroom and bathroom. It’s clean-(ish), larger than anticipated, it has a great view (exhibit A below), and is in walking distance to the Tube, a few grocery stores, and Chinese take-out. I have a big long desk that will be really useful when I have five million books spread across it. So the day was spent unpacking my things, placing books here and there to try to see what sort of arrangement I want. My book shelves are hardly full, which mean one of two things. A) I should have packed more books B) I need to buy more books.

There are clouds for every rainbow, of course. The plastic toilet seat kinda pinches a little, if you catch my drift. The whole bathroom is really comically small, and designed a little Trekkie-like. And by Trekkie-like, it’s so small I want to just say “BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!”

(which I sort of did, for your enjoyment)

I will need a mattress pad for my bed. Not immediately, but sooner rather than later, probably. And I forgot about little things. Like a laundry basket. And clothes hangers. And a clock. On top of all the other school supplies, etc., I’d like to buy. And unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), the UK doesn’t have a super store that has EVERYTHING in one place.

And at this moment, I really really miss Target.

Obviously I had the take-out for dinner. The streets are familiar and not-familiar, the slightly damp pavement and grey stone buildings reminiscent of Oxford. I have 2 more days before orientation starts and 3 days before things really start chugging along.

I should probably buy a plate (/cup/bowl/utensil set/pots/pans/groceries)

outfit details:

jeans: Levis, circa 2011
sweater: Madewell, circa 2010
headscarf: street vendor, Oxford, circa 2009

previous outfit details:

jeans: Levis, circa 2011
sweater: JCrew, circa 2011
socks: Bass outlet, circa 2011


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