Full Disclosure

Yesterday was not a good day. Not a good day at all. I pretty much sat around my room and did nothing, which when you don’t know anymore and live in a new city is pretty much a guarantee of a breakdown. At least it was for me, apparently. I feel like I’ve been waiting for grad school to start forever, and now I’m finally here and I’m STILL waiting. So I decided that today I would get out, go to a bookstore I’d been interested in visiting and the apparently very good cafe. Bookstores always make me feel better. A new book is a fabulous treat, and a bookstore is a haven. It feels like everyone there is present for the same reason: we all love books, we all want to browse and find something just right.

I’ve chosen a book by Robertson Davies, part of a trilogy called the Cornish Trilogy, The Rebel Angels. It came as a recommendation from a Paste article on Laura Marling; it’s a thrilling mystery that involves the occult, history, and a female graduate student (as far as I can tell) and I’ve taken a supreme liking to those recently, for reasons that should be obvious. There’s also the added benefit that the book has a very lovely cover.

The cafe was fantastic and I can already envision many more rainy afternoons there. It’s very open and rustic. The coffee bar and cafe is close to the entrance, with everything else spreading away from it. The rough wooden tables are lined up close to one another to make the most of the space, along with a bar with stools running in front of the very old looking windows, all pulled open to let in the crisp air. I was surrounded by people, buzzing with new books and work and all sorts of things. And it looked like they had a pie with peanut butter cups cut into it, and a tasty looking chocolate cake. Might have to splurge on a slice every now and again. Right now I’ve restricted myself to just getting tea, which is less than 2 quid no matter where you go. I’m not sure the proprietor was very pleased, but I’m a poor student and I won’t apologize for it! But I will be getting a slice of something the next time I’m there.

Today’s the first time I really took photos of myself in a more traditional style blogger sense (self-timer with the camera propped on my radiator). I feel a little silly, honestly. But here it is, for better or worse, as I figure out my camera.

I wore my new blazer for the first time today. It’s a purchase from Anthropologie and is one of the things in your closet that when you put it on, you feel like a million bucks. The cut is flattering, the length elongates my short little torso, and the pleating around the side adds a special pop while the grey color keeps it neutral and classic. Today, walking around London, I felt great. And I needed it.

The color combination concerned me a little. I don’t normally do something like that, but I liked it and felt like putting it out there. The shirt reminds me of the chrysanthemums that were just starting to bloom in our front garden when I left home.

Also, my shoes. I have a thing for shoes, though I don’t have that many pairs anymore. But ever since high school I’ve always made sure that I have a pair of black leather high-heeled mary janes. I wore them with jeans and crazy socks just about every day, and didn’t start wearing flats until I went to college and started trudging up hills all the time. Hopefully I’ll get back into the habit of wearing my pretty shoes. I’ve missed them.

Tomorrow I start doing things for school. Orientation things, but it will be nice to start something. Forward motion. It’s a good thing.

Outfit details:

jeans: current/elliott via gilt circa 2011
shirt: j.crew circa 2010
blazer: anthropologie circa 2011
heels: report circa 2007


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