Been worked by the rain

Today was a nice day of doing next to nothing. I went to Holloway to buy really cheap pots and pans (success!) and place a reservation for clothes hangers, because apparently those suckers are in high demand and I’m tired of looking at my clothes sprawled across my bench thing-y. I also bought these boots at River Island. As much as I love my TOMS I need something a bit more watertight. With as rainy as it gets around here I could get trench foot or something (a fact I spoke of at one of my meetings. As my new friend pointed out, what a great way to introduce myself, “Hi! Nice to meet you! I may get trench foot!”)

Anyway, they were a bit more dear than I would’ve liked, but I’m sure I’ll wear the ever-loving bejesus out of them.

The weather keeps tricking me. Out to errands I just wore this:

Jeans. Tee. Cardigan. Nothing special, but nothing too sloppy. But by the end of my errands run I was hot and kinda sticky and just felt gross. So when I went out to read in the park (I have a park across the street from my flat), I left the cardigan at home. And was COLD! It was suddenly blustery, I didn’t want to run back inside . . . so contrary, this English weather. But the park was lovely (minus the pigeons, which always set me on edge.)

And then of course a woman came into the park and started feeding them! A HUGE flock of pigeons, she was scattering bird seed at them like they aren’t the bottom feeders of the avian world! In my head I’m like “Lady! Don’t feed the pigeons! It makes them stick around!” Unfortunately she didn’t catch my mental shouting.

So I could only manage about an hour or so, then I came back inside for a cuppa and half a jacket potato, reheated very slowly and carefully in the microwave in my kitchen, that I don’t really understand.

Now I’m watching this:

and trying not to gobble up the rest of these:

outfit details:

jeans: Levis
tee: Xenotees via etsy, circa 2011
cardigan: Jcrew circa I have NO idea
shoes: TOMS circa 2011


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