Calm before the Storm

These past few days I’ve had meetings/welcome talks that are actually rather important, but not super formal. They were about first impressions, but not overly stuffy. Tricky to do, honestly. But here’s what I did for the international postgraduate welcome:

and to the Masters degree candidate party at the History Department.

I met a lot of really great people, both students and teachers alike. I’m really excited to get started, as we have a great load of very excitable and friendly kids who seem genuinely really excited to start their coursework.
We’ve already set up an History Masters pub quiz team to thoroughly route the “spotty youths,” as our department head called them, who run the history society.

We’ve also signed up for courses today, and I will be taking:

Latin for Graduates (Beginners . . . study group? anyone? anyone?)
New Perspectives in Early Modern Religion
Advanced Skills for Early Modern History
Approaches to Early Modern History
(auditing a French class)

And just when I thought I was the ONLY person with a sense of humor on the Tube today, giggling to myself over the very tall/macho guy listening to “Celebrate Good Times (come on!)” at full blast, I heard a woman lean over to her friend/husband/gentleman caller and say “not only is it really loud, it’s that Celebrate song!!”

Things that bring us together.

outfit details:

(first outfit)
jeans: Levis
top: Jcrew circa 2009
blazer: Anthropologie
scarf: street vendor in Oxford

(second outfit)
jeans: current/elliott
top: anthropologie circa 2011
blazer: anthropologie


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