Improving my mind with extensive reading

“to all this she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading” -Jane Austen (Mr. Darcy, of course)

Yesterday after lolly-gagging around quite a bit (and doing some preliminary work for my classes that could be done at my flat) I set out to further explore Islington, particularly around Angel. I happened upon Camden Passage, which has an allegedly delicious breakfast joint, an old-style soda joint, and many wonderful antique shops. It also has Loop. Loop is a knitting store, and the outside looks like this:

I thoroughly enjoy knitting and let me tell you, this store is a fiber-lovers paradise! Two whole floors of yarns of every weight, color, style you could imagine at varying price points. Chairs and little corners with seating areas are sprinkled here and there, inviting you to sit and stay awhile. As you peruse the upper floor, the building’s acoustics send the conversation below floating up to you. The shop ladies and owner praise the British library as a superb spot for knitting as a customer murmurs in agreement. Among my people, I am in utter bliss.

Today’s outfit is brought to you by . . . the word duality!

I went to the bank this morning, so I had to look decent enough for someone to want to open a bank account for me. Hence the cardigan and neatly pinned back hair. Then I went to the Maughan Library.

My beautiful, beautiful library. Formerly the home to the Public Record Office, it was re-furbished on the inside and became King’s College London’s main library in 2001 (sadly recent, I know). BUT! The outside (and inside) is absolutely enchanting, so I don’t care that it has only been a library for 10 years.

So I collected the books for my first weeks of classes that were available at the Maughan, at sat down to read in the Clock Tower (!!) and gaze on views like this:

for five hours and plumb forgot about lunch! And now it’s home, to eat a quick bite of leftover (red pepper, roasted rosemary potato, chorizo sausage, creme fraiche, and chive) pizza before heading out to thoroughly trounce some undergraduates at Pub Quiz night at Ye Olde Cocke tavern. Natch.


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