On the Freud Front

Let me know in the comments if this is too gross for people, but Freud has somewhat surprisingly become my little mascot. As long as he stays where he is. Outside, where he belongs.

This is Freud saving his afternoon catch for later. It’s actually really interesting to watch; they’re quite meticulous about the whole thing. Anyway.

I was in the middle of e-mailing my older sister today when what should be snared in Freud’s web but a rather large bee (a WASP, I would say . . . get it? get it? booooo) So Freud is clearly very excited and goes scurrying down to subdue and wrap up his monster prize. And, if I’m remembering my science correctly (Kathleen? Fact check?) Spiders can’t see particularly well so Freud only knows that this is a very large morsel. So he starts to go at it with his silk and his front legs, when the wasp starts attacking poor Freud with his stinger! I mean, the wasp was stupid enough to fly into the web, he should just submit himself to natural selection (like people who ride their bicycles in London . . . crazy daredevils).

Anyway, so the wasp and Freud are doing a battle royale literally to the death, in my window. And I’m like “oh! oh my God! Freud! oh!” And Freud’s beating at the wasp with his legs, but he’s succumbing to the stings and only holding onto the web by a few legs. And mind you, I would kill Freud without a second thought if he came crawling across my desk or worse, but I did not want to see Freud vanquished by a terrible foe. So the wasp delivers one final blow with his stinger, and Freud is stunned while the wasp works itself free of the web in one mighty wrench. Only a mess of silk fluttering in the breeze remains in evidence of Freud’s valiant battle. Freud gave himself a little shake after the paralysis wore off and staggered up to the top by his previous meal to convalesce.

Now I’m pleased to report that Freud is fine. However he keeps hovering around this ball of thread that I keep assuming is food. And I tell you this right now:

If Freud is in fact female, and that is a soon-to-hatch egg sack, it does not matter where you are in the world you will hear my screams of terror as I pee myself in fear.

In other news:

WE WON THE PUB QUIZ!! Not only did I earn back the entry fee, I also won back the cider I bought. Heck yes.


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