but you got to admit . . . [she’s] got style!

So, it’s in no way original. But I’ve hit officially, on the style I want. I feel like I’ve flirted with it, but been too nervous to really start going in that direction because it seemed so out of my league. But I’m going to start working towards it . . . not sure how, but I will.

Lou Doillon:

And of course Alison Mosshart runs along a similar vein (my love for her style is well documented on my old blog, The Historian

I feel like this style sort of reflects how I like rooms to look. Slightly old, slightly off, slightly dirty/damaged, but with a solid foundation in clean lines and a pleasing color palette. Slightly interesting, that catches your eye. Lou Doillon (daughter of Jane Birkin and Jacques Doillon, for those who live under a rock) manages to do all of these things. Plus I love the hats. I plotz for a great hat.

(photo sources: the rathaus; Natty Belle; my fashion life)


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