So, the hardest part has been food. Because takeaway is tasty and quick BUT it is a) probably not healthy b) costs money. And I don’t particularly enjoy cooking for one, I don’t have a lot of kitchen gadgets, nor do I have a lot of refrigerator space or the arm strength to carry a boatload of groceries home. So this is what I’ve been doing:

a) going to market. It is in fact less expensive, if you do it right.
b) if you get takeaway or eat out DON’T eat it all. That one personal pizza is probably 3 dinners (including tonight) if you do it right.

And then there’s this little morsel: eggs on toast, ramped up a bit.

I took a slice of my tasty bread from the market, popped it in the toaster. Cracked an egg into a pan, scrambled it up with a bit of salt and pepper. Took the toast, spread on some raspberry jam, added some slices of gouda cheese (edam is a good substitute, or any cheese you like, or jam flavor I’m sure) and popped the cooked eggs on top of it.

Add on a cuppa, and it’s a tasty cheap meal with ingredients you probably have lying around.

Not going to win any awards for beauty, but it’s pretty balanced (in my totally non-professional opinion)


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