the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

SO! Today:

-I realized that the woman at the history department accidentally kept my student card, barring me from the libraries when I have 2 weeks of reading to catch up on for a new class and all my other readings to do.
-I’m pretty sure someone in my flat is eating my bananas, and while that’s not really a huge deal it IS juvenile behavior that I was hoping wouldn’t happen this year
-when I went to switch my phone SIM card from pay as you go to pay monthly, the dude gave me the wrong SIM card, then switched them and activated the new one, said the new one would take awhile and to use my old SIM card. Great, except my old SIM card has deactivated and now I have no cell phone.
-I went back to yell at them and the store was closed, even though the website said it was open until 9 pm.
-When I trudged back home, bypassing the sweets calling my name after a rough day of disappointments, my parents skyped to tell me some jerk-off stole my debit card numbers and charged $1500 on my debit card to tint his car windows.


Now mind you, everything is really fine. All of these things can be fixed, and will be fixed. But the day was a lot like this:

source: music fun and love tumblr

And I went back to the corner shop and bought a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough.

The End.


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