In memoriam.

To say that Steve Jobs drastically changed the world we live in is far from being hyperbolic. It is a vast understatement that cannot begin to cover how much his contribution to technology and business has changed the way we are as consumers, product users, and as we go about our every day lives. In a span of 30 years Steve Jobs brought the personal computer into our homes, then redefined the computer again and again until we have the lightweight, iconic computers and laptops we have today. So prolific is the product design of Apple that I can’t help but giggle when TV producers try to cover up the brand on reality programs by putting duct tape over the apple insignia. Apple no longer needs its logo to be recognized.

Then there is the iPod, changing forever the way we listen to music, and the iPhone and the iPad, all working to make as much information accessible to us in the smallest, lightest, most user-friendly manner.

Bottom line: Not only did Steve Jobs contribute to 317 patents in the Apple brand, he made sure they were user-friendly, pretty (which cannot be discounted), and made them items to covet. He worked with integrity. He brought us Pixar. He is a presence that will be deeply missed.

The Telegraph


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