Moderation in all Things

So, I’m still reading. I’m halfway through my last article so I’m taking a quick break to post again. Yesterday was a plunge into reading and annotating again, and I can feel the rust flaking off my old academic tricks. The pages are turning faster, the pen scratching across the page quicker (and messier). It’s become easier to comprehend and question and I’ll be honest, I was nervous it wouldn’t come back. But it seems to be, though studying for just about 18 hours straight is a little much. Even for scholars far greater than me, I’m sure.

So after doing a decent bit of an article this morning (8 am start, thank you) I went to the grocery store only to discover it opens at 11 am (it was 10:30). So I meandered through the market again and picked up a half loaf of bread (YES! It won’t go bad!) and took some photos.

(p.s. does anyone know how to hyperlink posts so that it’s not this huge block on the screen? it must get annoying to scroll through?)

People were quieter in the market today, perhaps because of the earlier hour and perhaps because of the chill that is quickly settling in to our collective bones. Scotland has already had three inches of snow and apparently even London isn’t far behind.

I did catch one hilarious snippet of a gentleman saying “oh no, she’s my wife! I do talk to her on occasion.” I assume someone thought he just randomly approached the lady.

I love seeing the piles of apples from this one particular orchard picture above. They have strawberries, raspberries, and cider available from various brands of apples. They set up a small tasting section in the middle of the road, on a rickety wooden table with little thimble-fulls of two different types of cider and slices of pear and apple on a chipped porcelain plate. Both times I’ve been there is a pile-up of yummy mummies with their perambulators, in particular a woman with a young toddler with dark curling hair who would be just darling if he/she wasn’t screaming until blue in the face (or until the mother gives it a slice of pear, whichever comes first).

I’ve always felt that squash are the harbingers of autumn, more so than chrysanthemums or such the like. I love all their different colors, and when I saw large pumpkins at my regular grocery store my heart leapt at the utterly irrational thought of carving my own jack o’lantern. I suppose I’ll have to rely on other people, though it doesn’t seem that Halloween is quite the thing to Brits as it is to us fallen Puritans in America. This shop is the first hint of it I’ve seen:

The market doesn’t just have food, of course, but stalls with things as specific as shoes tied to view on a string or as random as cleaning supplies and cell phone batteries! My favorite is the oriental rug stall. Not the most authentic, I’m sure, but I love all the colors and patterns together.

I wasn’t sure I’d need the cardigan, but sure enough it was on and buttoned up before I even hit the bus stop! A blustery day indeed!

And best of all, when at the grocery store I found . . . .

PEANUT BUTTER!! SKIPPY peanut butter!! Happy as a clam, I was.

Also, Bramley apples taste not unlike Honeycrisp apples (the best apples in the world), and since they’re in season I got six for a pound.

Apples and peanut butter. Delicious. Now if only this article would read itself.

outfit details:

cardigan: Madewell circa 2011
shirt: Jcrew circa 2009
jeans: Levis
shoes: TOMS
glasses: Gant


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