Freud like Lazarus

Say it with me, people.


It has been days. DAYS. It has been very cold. The web was totally gone! I open my drapes this morning, voila!

But my thoughts are that this is a new spider, progeny of Freud, who has taken residence in my window. He’s more spry, and frankly doesn’t have the grace, agility, or web-making saavy that my Freud did.

In fact he’s really clumsy. It’s highly comical. When Freud built a web, it was a dance. Clearly choreographed, figured out, he could do it in his sleep. My imagined thought process for this guy is a lot more like this:

“Ok. oooook. Gonna go down heeeeere, connect it together. right. there. (kicking his legs to get the sticky bit to stick). And maybe I’ll put a bit heeeere uuuuoop! overshot it (he keeps going up on his forelegs like in the video but accidentally flipping over)”

And then, like I said, it’s quite blustery so he gets flipped around and his legs splay out in this “OH MY GOD” sort of action.

Cracking myself up over here.

I shall call him Keaton.


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