I wish I had something interesting to tell you. I wish that I were doing something exciting or going someplace wonderful. But I’m not, I’m just here studying, as usual. Reading, highlighting, etc. Trying to understand economic history, which I have no interest in whatsoever.

It’s getting increasingly chilly here in London. I’d appreciate it if the weather would shine it on for 10 more days until my winter coat arrives, but it doesn’t seem like it will. It’s been a banner week for my woolens . . . sweaters, thick socks, knit hats and scarves. My trip to the Senate House Library yesterday was done like this:

The shirt I’m wearing is from GAP about 2 years ago and it is the most comfortable thing in the world. It’s from the men’s department, of course, as all very warm and well-made things are. It looks overlarge when just left out so I tucked it in (a rarity for me). Add a pair of knee socks and my very warm knit scarf and I survived the elements (and the library, which was itself rather chilly).

It’s been very difficult, with school, trying to do not only the required reading for courses (and by proxy think of something marginally brilliant to say) but to at the same time reserve a corner of your brain for the papers that will be written at the end of term. Because these aren’t just research papers they’re asking for. You can’t just read a boatload of secondary sources and report on what other people say. These are argument papers; you have to come up with something relevant, something interesting. Therein lies the difficulty; to find a question worth answering.

In other news, I think Keaton is taunting me.

outfit details:

jeans: levis
top: GAP
scarf: knit by myself


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