I got chills, they’re multiplying

And not the good kind.

The wind is cutting here, and the cold just goes straight through you. I’m going shopping this week for some layers . . . shirts, button downs, jumpers, anything to block out the cold.

I was mentioning the cold and my reluctance to spend money to a friend. She rather succinctly said “You’ve got to just suck it up, luv. You’re going to be cold, and you’ll be cold a LONG TIME.”

People with long hair understand the under-tangle. That tangle of hair you get every day ALL WINTER LONG because of scarves and collars and all other sorts of lovelies. So despite my ears being nipped by the cold, I wore my hair up in a stylish little topknot, like this.

Outfit details:

Jeans: Levis
Top: Madewell circa 2010
shoes: River island
scarf: hand knit


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