1 potato, 2 potato

In today’s episode of Penny Pinching meals, I’m going to discuss the sweet potato.

I LOVE sweet potatoes. Sweet potato FRIES, sweet potato PATTIES, sweet potato CURRIES. Delicious.

But me and the sweet potato, we have a problem.

Sweet potatoes are REALLY tough to cut/slice, and I definitely do not have a knife here that is up to the task. So how do I enjoy my sweet potato without surely losing my phalanges?

Why, baking it of course.

Poke it with a fork all over the place. Wrap it in a paper towel, stick it in the microwave for like, 6 minutes. Then rub it in olive oil, pop it in a 200 celsius oven for 15 minutes. You can top it with anything you like. I was FORCED to use brown sugar and cinnamon, because that’s what I had on hand.

Ugly ALMOST to the point of being heinous. But tasty and filling, my friends. And super cheap.


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