Russell Square

So pretty much every day I take the 91 bus past Russell Square. And on MONDAYS, I get off the bus at Russell Square and walk through said square to get to my Monday class.

I think Russell Square is my favorite of the squares I’ve seen.

I love seeing the people lunching, reading, people-watching, playing with their children . . .it’s nice to see people take a moment out of their lives to just enjoy themselves. We’re so busy with schedules, meetings, rushing from here to there, catching the bus, running errands. . . we need time to sit and collect our thoughts.

Though that being said I was walking through the opposite way on Saturday and saw a little girl allow a squirrel to run UP her CHEST. It was ON HER. I was shocked and appalled. I like squirrels as much as the next person, but they also carry disease man. Like pigeons. Only cuter.


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