Brief Sanity Break

A break FOR my sanity, that is. Not a break IN my sanity.

After working on a single article all day (ALL day) yesterday, completing my latin homework and my prep work for Advanced Skills in Early Modern England, I decided that today I deserved a break in the form of afternoon tea and some wee retail therapy. Well, that and the fact that my boots that I bought not three weeks ago are already so worn through on the soles that I feel pavement beneath my socks.

No bueno.

I hoped to find some sweaters, shirts, etc, but unfortunately it seems like mother was right (like always) and the bulk of my winter shopping will need to be done at Christmas when I’m home. Try as I might, I balk when looking at price for a shirt that should cost $20 and DOES cost 20 pounds . . . but 20 pounds to me is not simply 20 pounds. Particularly when I’m still dealing with the exchange rate because the blasted bank has STILL (still) not sent me my PIN number. Tomorrow morning my friends . . . . Londoners might be hearing the dull thunk of cracking skulls. Because my patience has reached its end.

ANYWAY, I did procure these lovely boots, for less money than I’d originally thought to pay, which is of course a bonus.

I also bought these tights, which are so lovely and so thick they’re like a sweater for your legs. I’ve been looking a Fairisle tights for some time and while these were a bit more dear than I would’ve like (from the fabled Tabio, purveyor of wondrous socks) I’m sure I’ll be wearing them under my jeans for warmth as well as with skirts and dresses! I’m about to order this tunic dress from joclothing on etsy that looks amaaaazingly comfortable and will hopefully look good when all put together!

My friend and I took tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury (the St. Paul location) and it was so nice. I love a good tea, particularly a good afternoon tea. The decor is lovely (I love the jacquard upholstery on the seats and banquet). When we arrived we were promptly escorted upstairs where this lovely tiered tray of goodies awaited us:

They use JING tea, which I had never heard of before but was quite tasty. The scones were tasty (but I’ll be honest, not as good as the ones at The Rose, in Oxford).

But the Vahlrona chocolate brownies . . . good lord. good. lord.

boots: Rocket Dog
tights: tabio


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