Borough Market

Sunday was Apple Day at the London Farmers’ Markets!

My friend and I hopped on the 17, crossed the river and headed to the fabled Borough Market. The smell of apples in various forms (mulled cider, sauce, apple butter, you name it) wafted through the air as we perused sausages, candies, baked goods, granolas, etc. The stalls were significantly more limited than usual due to its Apple specificity, but it was enough to certainly entice me back (as was the restaurant with a cauldron full of jambalaya that looked pretty legit)

With mulled apple cider and laugenstange (big pretzel roll) in hand, we strolled back past the cathedral and over the bridge, jumping on the tube to connect to the 91 to take us home again home again to reading, reading, reading. A sunday morning/late afternoon tradition is brewing, I think.

outfit details:

t-shirt (unseen): target
jeans: levis
jacket: jcrew (see mama, I DO wear it)
scarf: hand knit
boots (unpictured): rocket dog


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