Aca-day by day

This week has been a wee bit of a blur, already. My sister and her husband are coming to visit tomorrow and Friday (a quick stop on the way to Italy) and I can’t really express how thrilled I am to see them. I can’t wait to show them around, to take them to the places I love to go. But I’ve been very productive, so that I may spend all my time with them without worrying about school.

-Latin: homework completed, classwork on the roster after this
-Approaches to Early Modern History: 2/3 complete
-Magic in Middle Ages: 2/3 complete
-Advanced Skills in Early Modern History: complete!

Of course, I also need to complete my work because this weekend is Halloween weekend. And while Saturday might be slightly productive, Sunday will be a complete loss I’m sure and the promise of Monday activities makes behooves me to get everything done today. Something totally plausible, I’m shocked to say.

A hint to my costume? An idea taken from The Beauty Department

outfit details:

cardigan: ancient JCrew
shirt: lucky, circa 2010
jeans: levis
boots: rocket dog
bag: stash


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