Penny Pinch (not Tuesday)

Sorry sorry! Apparently the week after Halloween is a slow move back towards actually comprehending anything worthwhile. So this isn’t Tuesday, but this is a penny pinch! If you didn’t have to buy all the tools to make them like I did . . .

So I had 4 rotting bananas on my hands, because I don’t know about you but I go through banana cycles. There are weeks (months!) where I am just crazy about bananas, and then am totally done with them and don’t want to see another banana for a good long time. At least not a banana in it’s natural habitat. So with these 4 sadly rejected and rotting bananas, I made . . . banana bread muffins!

Banana bread muffins are some of the greatest things to make in a skint kitchen. You don’t need a mixer, you don’t need anything too special in either ingredients or anything, and it’s the quickest thing to put together. I used Smitten Kitchen’s “Jacked-Up Banana Bread” recipe, following a comments time for 23 minutes for muffins. Unfortunately I didn’t include the bourbon because I can’t find the wee little bottles of booze here and I’m still not ready to shell out over 20 quid for a whole bottle (even as much as I like whiskey).

I’m pretty committed to my granola and yoghurt (live cultures make you happy!!) for breakfast, but I did have one with my tea and it was very delicious.


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