This week is reading week, which is great in a “much-needed-break” kind of way except it isn’t really a break because I have a boatload of research that needs to be done for my paper that I’d prefer to have at least mostly finished before I fly home for Christmas (in 5 weeks, precisely). But these past few days it has been difficult to get motivated when there seems to be so many other things that keep popping up, like cleaning my room and finding a maintenance man to deal with the yeti living in our freezer.

Plus, people continue to set off their extra fireworks so any work I do at my desk at night is interrupted every few minutes by

ooooooh! aaaaaah!

Highly impressive. But this morning I woke up, had my breakfast and am already showered, dressed, ready to go AND I handwashed my sweaters in my bathroom sink (exhibit a):

And am about to go hop on the bus to head to the Warburg Institute to read more about bodily fluids (every girl’s dream, I know).

Then latin, then drinks (maybe). Rinse, repeat it all again tomorrow.

*and p.s. that pink grapefruit face wash from Neutrogena is just about the best thing I’ve ever put on my face. Just sayin’


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