The Style Section

Otherwise known as the only part of the newspaper I ever read growing up. It had the funnies in it.

Anyway, I suck at daily outfit posts, so I thought I’d start posting it on Sundays. It’s getting a bit repetitive anyway. The problem is, I’m terrible at layering and I just can’t figure out how to wear layers and not look like Mr. Stay-Puft. And the Brits do it so WELL here.

So I end up wearing a sweater with a cami underneath. Or a shirt with my favorite cardigan on top.

When I woke up today and pulled my curtains open, I couldn’t see past my tree line. The fog was thick and close, and hovered ominously all day long. I do believe the temperatures are dropping farther . . . winter is coming.

In other news,

My hair actually did what I wanted it to do today!


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