Penny Pinch Tuesday

And it isn’t muffins! Wooo!

But it’s not exactly penny-pinching, either, I guess. But it’s not terrible, and a single person such as myself got 3 good sized dinners out of it (just in time for it to not go bad).

Indian-Inspired Shrimp with Coconut, Chiles, and Tomato

I love spicy food. I mean, I have a strong, undying love for spicy food. I also love shrimp (as long as I can’t smell it) and one of my favorite things to do with shrimp recipes (a trick I picked up from my mama) is to make life 5 bazillion times easier by getting pre-cooked shrimp and just tossing it in at the very end to warm it up to temperature with everything else. Gets rid of the squiky part of cooking seafood. And the smelly part. Both positive things, I think.

Nothing says indian/thai food like starting the dish with some fragrant seeds in piping hot olive oil. I love the smell of cumin seeds, and it always reminds me of my friend J who first introduced me to Indian food (and cooking it myself). Of course, the downside to the piping hot olive oil was when the mustard seeds started pinging OUT of the pan and landing on your arms. No bueno. Red onion, ginger, garlic, and 4 (FOUR) delicious delicious green chiles went in next for a quick saute.

A can of chopped tomatoes, a quick toss around, then a can of coconut milk and the waiting game. Waiting for it to reduce (oh yeah, start steaming your rice. Slightly less than half a cup should do for a heaping single serving. Particularly if you tend to not eat much during the day, like me)

Dig in! Or as Emeril Lagasse (the creator of the recipe) would say . . . BAM!

So good. Sooooo goooood!!

(actual recipe here)

EDIT: OOH! found a penny pinching bit. I don’t own any glasses. I drink out of a washed out bonne maman jam jar. Hipster-ish? Mayhap. Free, minus the cost of tasty tasty raspberry preserve? You betcha.


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