The Style Section

I assume at this point that most people have heard that Mumford & Sons song, “Winter Winds” that starts with something about winter winds littering London with lonely hearts?

I dunno about my heart being lonely, but they sure ain’t whistlin’ dixie about that wind part. It’s making my heart (and extremities) frickin’ cold.

As such, wearing a thin thin (but so lovely) shirt like this to the British Library is not advised. Even when paired with corduroys. Because you will freeze your tailbone off and not be able to focus on Albertus Magnus.

Take two, to class:

My warmest sweater (being re-worn today) over a dress and sweater tights of amazing fair isle-y goodness. Better warmth, but with an added updraft that was not the most pleasant thing ever.

When going to the rare manuscripts and materials room, you should know you’re in for a damn cold time. Hence, four layers. FOUR.

Tanktop, striped henley, plaid shirt, cardigan.

I still haven’t figured out the layer thing. I need some skinny jeans to balance it out, and I think I look pretty shapeless on top but I’m too cold to care . . .

tops: anthropologie, madewell, j.crew (tank-henley-buttondown)
cardigan: madewell
jeans: levys
dress: h&m
tights: tabio


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