Chapel Market

When a girl gets down to only oats, uncooked pasta, cereal, and yoghurt in her larder, it’s time to go to the grocer.

After going to Sainsburys (potatoes, ham steak, parmasan, bananas, clementines, more yoghurt, etc) I meander through Chapel Market for some goodies.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough arms to carry my bags and wield a camera simultaneously.

The center of the market is now a Christmas tree farm. Beautiful Norwood pines stand proudly on display,with an x to mark the spot. They’re a more vibrant emerald green than ours back home, but just as fragrant. Others lean against each other like resting soldiers, bagged up and waiting to be taken home. A boy about my age advertised his wares in boisterous shouts, “6ft tree only 25 pound!” He gave me a wink and a smile as I stood next to the trees and breathed in their verdant scent; I’m sure he knew the yearning look in my eye.

Chegworth Valley apples added a cider-y crisp, accented by roasted chestnuts done to order in a rolling cart. A loaf of bread, 6 eggs (individually chosen by myself), and a bag of chestnuts to roast for myself later, I began to wander back around to return to the bus station.

Then I saw her. Mixing a bowl of fritters. But it wasn’t the fritters I was after. No no. My treasure was the bounty that could be produced from the flat, circular grill.

She was the crepe lady. I originally asked for a cinnamon and sugar crepe, but as she spread the batter I noticed a jar of crunchy peanut butter and a jar of nutella.

And who would get a cinnamon sugar crepe when they had the option of a chocolate and peanut butter crepe? Really. Don’t be silly, now.

Granted, juggling two rather heavy bags and a crepe was quite the trick. But it was still warm when I got home, and man was it tasty.


One thought on “Chapel Market”

  1. the lady and her son make the best spinach crepes, spinach cheese, mushrooms, olives, and that jamaican chilli sauce,
    i dare you to try it.

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