London has decked itself out in Christmas cheer. Window decorations, trees everywhere . . . the English certainly have that Christmas look down pat.

Oxford Street, which today was apparently closed because there were so many people, authorities worried they’d crush each other. Needless to say I’m not going back there any time soon.

I saw the signs a couple weeks ago, up the road from my busstop. It wasn’t until two days ago I was by the stop at night. (In case you’re missing something, like my mother did when she said “It’s a car,” I’m talking about the spectacular light display on the house behind the car [better pictures to come]) Aka, yard schlock. Makes me rather homesick, actually.

See all the Christmas stuff makes me homesick, honestly. For my parents, and my friends and my sister, and decorating our tree and tacky christmas light drive-bys and cookies and fudge.

I fly home in 10 days (9 days, 23 hours) and I’m so excited to see them. But before then I have 2 more weeks of class and a paper to write.


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