Christmas is Coming, the Geese are getting Fat (fat!)

These last few days before I go home are busy, and time skips by without my notice. Tuesday was the last day of term, with obligatory drinks after and a homemade dinner at my friend’s new flat. Yesterday I braved Regent Street and Oxford Street (it really is a Circus, there) to go to Hamley’s toy store (huge and amazing but slightly overwhelming) and a chocolatier for a Paddington Bear for my cousin’s new baby girl and some other treats. After a totally pointless jaunt to the British Library I returned home to pack, then went to a Christmas do at 6 in the lovely Hampstead area. Today is my other friend’s birthday shenanigans, and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers at BFI Southbank. Lord a-mercy how time is flying.

And of course you have to reward yourself for getting through the crowds . . . so lunch was a cookie. A Ben’s Cookie.


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