-feel fit again
-eat properly (cook at home more frequently)
-study hard
-go out and enjoy myself in the city more
-take more photos
-get my room/kitchen together

Today I rolled out my yoga mat for the first time in entirely too long and did some yoga videos on youtube. It’s rather cramped for a proper practice, but it still felt nice to stretch my muscles, engage my core, and feel the relaxed peace that yoga brings me. (click through for more videos from Sadie . . . she’s really great)

Honestly, I think I’m a better person when I do yoga. I’m just less stressed out, I think, and it’s easier for me to find viable solutions to my problems. I miss the community of a studio but frankly, yoga studios in London are just too expensive for regular practice. And even though I’m a lower weight than I was while doing yoga, I miss feeling strong. There’s honestly such a sense of empowerment when you do a back bend or a head stand (which I can’t do anymore and probably won’t try because I’m likely to fall and kill myself on my radiator).

Once the weather gets warmer, ages from now, I’d love to be able to take my mat to the park across the road and do a nice morning practice to start the day.

Sorry for the being a bit New Age-y, it’s just what I’m thinking about! Well, that and the coconut shrimp curry in my new cook book that a friend bought me for Christmas!


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