House Just Ain’t No Home

Right now I’m working on my research proposals and I really just about ready to pull my hair straight out the roots.

So I’m doing this thing where I exert control over the every non-human aspect of my life while eating skittles and watching Thor.

My new planner for 2012 is color-coded and I’ve itemized every hour of my life for the next two weeks. Maybe a little extreme, but necessary. As is the yoga I will be doing relatively shortly.

The really hard part about academia is that it never really stops. Obviously there are many jobs that are like this, I’m just speaking from my experience. Basic retail jobs, restaurant work (my only prior experience), you take that apron off and your workplace does not cross your mind until you walk through those doors again.

But I sit in the library all day, reading books and trying to pin down a theory. An idea that will jump-start my career and make people much smarter and more important than me say “my GOD, she’s BRILLIANT!”

I’ve starting picturing ideas and theories as a sieve, or maybe a dam. Or a ship. Basically anything that can leak will do. I have to find all the leaks and plug them up. It sounds ridiculously simplistic, but it’s what helps me find the holes in my theories and perhaps take it the extra step.

But anyway, all these ideas are whirling around in your brain and then you go home. And they’re still in your brain. So you have to distract yourself or else you’ll go completely berserk.

So, my distraction is going to be organizing my room. It’s rather spartan, my room and since it’s pretty much a dorm room I’m incredibly limited in what I can do with it. I’m a little nervous to put those Command hooks up on the wall because the last thing I want is to pay those kinds of damage charges.

But, that being said it needs some serious organizational help because if I’m not careful it looks like this:

only with lots more papers and folders and books all over the desk.

I’ve added some art to my bulletin board. Only one is an actual print, from amazing artist Josie Portillo. The rest are postcards I’ve had forever, family photos, and images I printed from the internet.

I’ve also started ordering some things to put my room together, in terms of organization. I got those magazine file folders from IKEA, 5 for 25 pence on amazon. Frankly, you can’t beat that deal with a stick.

I’m incredibly excited about this book stand that I bought. I love the wood and the adjustable page holder (prevents tearing pages!); I’m a big fan of buying things that are both beautiful and functional. My back is perpetually hunched over books everyday and keeping a page while trying to jot down a note/quote is wretched, so I put this one down as a necessary expense.

I’m probably going to do a decent-sized school supply trip in the next few days (classes start Monday!). There’s a few good deals on binders on amazon, but they’re for packs of 10. And while it’s totally plausible I’ll need 10, it’s difficult to pull the trigger on that one when I’m unsure if London is a permanent location (or just overseas, rather).

But I’ll be posting on here about it, just to keep my sanity.

(book stand image by procook)


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