I feel like such a toolbox for not posting sooner, but the reasons for the stress are still going on and to top it off I’ve been struck by the worst cold I think I’ve ever had. Did you know that the common cold virus can also give you viral conjunctivitis? aka, PINK EYE?!

Yeah, neither did I. Now I have demon eyes.

But I can’t afford to take the day off just yet. No no, I need to go to the British Library for the zillionith time. Hope they don’t mind my infernal coughing. ANYWAY.

A friend of mine suggested (via a “FREE BOX” voucher on Facebook) that I try this company called Graze. It’s a British company operating on the idea that grazing throughout the day is better for you than three square meals. So they have hundreds of healthy snack options. You sign up for the website, choose which options you like, love, want to try, dislike, or “never send me this option” aka “bin it”. You then choose how often they send it to you, at 3.79/box, including shipping. Not too bad, really.

You receive this box, with 4 different snacks contained within it.

I was sent an apple/cinnamon flapjack (granola bar) as seen above, which I’ve yet to try, fennel seed and honey peanuts, apple crumble (cinnamon almonds, dried apples, and sultanas), and firecrackers (rice puffs, etc).

What I’ve tried so far was very good, in appropriately-sized portions and felt healthful without sacrificing taste.

When you sign up, even if it’s a free box you have to enter your credit card information, and it just continues without telling you it begins the purchasing part. Ultimately I decided that I couldn’t afford such a luxury, preferring to spend it on fresh fruit instead. BUT! I recommend the company to those who have the inclination (not that I’m getting anything out of doing so.)

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to cough up a lung.


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