If it’s not blatantly obvious, the blog is now going through a wee identity crisis. 

This was started as a way to get me out of my little flat and about London. I wanted to experience the city and explore my neighborhood but have a reason to do so. It was also a way to keep my family up on my life (hey family!)  and to communicate with the great void when, frankly, I had no friends yet.

But now London is the city where I live. A real place where I get annoyed at the constant construction at the cross section of Caledonian Road and Pentonville Road and the increasing number of tourists that just stop in the middle of the pavement. I can hear my speech patterns changing and shifting. My accent has stayed the same but the inflection in my sentences tends to be more interrogative and I say things like “could do” rather than “we could.” The britishisms are filtering in, even though I still have a habit of using American idioms that just don’t exist here. I just got a response text from a Norwegian friend saying “funny American!” 

I go to the grocery store (shop) and get my groceries, I read my books, I sit in cafes . . . . and now I’m unsure of what to write here. What to tell you. The bus still turns, and I still try to take pictures that (inadequately) capture how I see the city. 


I still eat my food (as cheaply as possible) and hope to post a Penny Pinch Tuesday meal tomorrow, for the first time in ages.


I started to write a political post the other day, about women’s reproductive rights and the political situation in America, and how I feel about it as an American who no longer lives in America. But that’s quite the sticky wicket, and frankly it’s not my bag to talk about that sort of thing on the internet. Maybe I will, who knows. 

The weather is getting warmer again, slowly. It teases us with a few days of beautiful weather than dismal rain and chill. Last week it was so downpourous that even the unflappable Londoners pulled out their umbrellas. Created quite the image at the British Library (though I was too shy to get the shot I really wanted . . . with my iPhone camera)

Image And then there are new bits of my life that I’d prefer stay private. Which is so odd, that there are things you have to separate and purposefully not include in a blog that is ultimately (and incredibly self-indulgently) just about my life. The internet is so all-encompassing these days.

So, essentially, don’t mind me as a fiddle about trying to figure out precisely what this thing I’ve made here actually IS. And how much of ME I’m willing to put out there. 


2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Hey- I stumbled across your blog and enjoyed this post. I love the architecture of London and the beautiful buildings that you suddenly begin to notice once you look up. I hope to be adding more of that to my blog in the future. Noticed you were budding historian- love history! j. X

    1. I love looking up and seeing how the light hits the tops of the buildings. The history department at my university has a spectacular view of the Thames, Tower Bridge, Parliament, the whole deal. Very distracting when I’m sitting in lectures!

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