Budget Cuts

The hardest part about being a student (or a person, really) is the absolutely necessary cuts in spending. Curtailing eating out isn’t technically difficult, but it IS difficult to entertain when you live with five other people and your room, while not horribly small, doesn’t have the size or seating of your local pub.

I find, for me, that budgeting difficulty is three-fold. This is primarily because I am a creature of extremes. It’s either hot or cold, right or left. I’m either spending loads or nothing at all. Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and bought a knife and a vegetable peeler. Six months I’ve lived here, with no knife to actually cut food while I cook. I could also seriously use a desk lamp, because I hate overhead lighting and mine is particularly bright and obnoxious. I like the look of this one, from Ikea. But then I sit and think about 17 quid and what else that can buy me . . .half my weekly groceries, two plates of yaki soba at Wagamamas, two albums on iTunes, etc.

So, I have a hard time buying things that I need (I mean, the knife I really needed. That wasn’t a want-need).

Then there are, of course, the things that I WANT. Art for the walls of my room (glaringly white, they are. It’s horrible). A speaker dock to charge my iPhone/iPod while playing music. Bracelets for summer from sonofasailor on etsy (pictured here)

And I’m in love (LOVE) with these loafers from Anthropologie. If I owned them, my feet would feel like Hugh Hefner, all the time. And it would be grand, it really would.

But these are things I WANT, not things I need. And I should re-sole my boots that I got earlier in September (a more practical solution). And they are suede, which isn’t the smartest thing to buy in London. BUT THE LOAFERS!! So naturally I hesitate on that sort of thing (as well I should).

And then there’s that weird “I dunno” category. Of things that you could ARGUE to yourself that you need, but maybe you actually don’t need? I have one pair of skinny jeans. Surely that is not enough, and I need another pair of jeans. But do I REALLY need another pair of jeans? And what sort of jeans should I buy? Topshop for 40 quid? Or spring for Diesel or Levis, which are more expensive but arguably better quality? And spring clothes in general. I mean, I need clothes, right? RIGHT?!

But perhaps what I have is good enough?

And I’ve just signed on for three more years of this. Crikey.


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