Escape from London

I’ve recently had the opportunity to leave London for a small space of time. It’s so nice to see trees and hills–the manicured parks just aren’t the same. The April rain makes the green stand out especially emerald and the tips of the trees are bursting in blooms of magenta and pink and white. Quite a few daffodils (my favorite) are staying late for the party, as well. I love seeing the English houses, covered in green veins. Some have the Tudor exposed beams, but others don’t. All seem so unique unto themselves, and so different from the houses that I grew up around.

My walk to the grocer/high street provides plenty of child-like entertainment. I try to spot the flowers I didn’t see the last time I walked there. Today one gentleman’s prize rose bushes showed their colors delightfully. They are so richly red they seem painted.


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