Wool gathering and Cloud gazing.

So, essays need editing and still more reading for still more essays needs to be done, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate. My parents are arriving Tuesday and we’re immediately jumping on the train to Edinburgh for three days in Scotland. Everyone I’ve mentioned the trip to says that Edinburgh is just one of the most wonderful cities in the world, so I’m very excited to go take a look around.

But at the same time, the view from my own window grows increasingly more interesting. Trees off in the distance become increasingly green as their leaves unfurl. They give off a phosphorescent glow in the intermittent sunlight that reflects onto the red brick and yellowish-grey stone. The pigeons build their nests in the trees, hopping carefully into the depths of the evergreens with long twigs. All the birds, drab pigeons included, work extra hard to fly up the windy drafts. There seems to be an exultant release when they reach the pinnacle and spread their wings, feathers flexing as they soar on the current briefly.

The darkness comes later and later these days. Three months ago I would have been typing in darkness, but now I wager I’ll have another 3 hours of light before the sun fully disappears. Scattered showers spread huge clouds across the sky, making sunsets dramatic and almost opulent.


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