Word of the Day (a mini-memorial)

Nora Ephron’s influence spread out in a ripple, farther and farther from the people she met. From the many beautiful tributes, it is apparent that she touched lives in a way so many of us hope to and so few achieve. Tonight, as I read her piece on her New York apartment while catching up on my Cup of Jo, I learned a word that will be very very VERY important to me for the rest of my life:

amortize (v.)-to reduce or extinguish (a debt) by money regularly put aside.

I have student debt. Much less than some, but more than others. And I will be paying off this debt for a very long time, so this idea (amortizing) sounds incredibly appealing. It is difficult to do, however, when you have no salary.

When I was growing up, my parents put their loose change into a cleaned out big ol’ whiskey jar that ended up being a door-stop. Every now and again we would empty the jar, roll the change and start from scratch.

Now, I’m not so naive to think that my loose change will pay off my student debt. BUT, I think it’s important to amortize at the first opportunity. So, I shall take up the mantle of the cleaned out big ol’ whiskey jar. I shall, however infinitesimally, amortize.

(the fact that I have to buy and then DRINK a big ol’ whiskey jar to begin this project might have increased my enthusiasm for this idea.)


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