Spring and Summer

My friends keep telling me that this summer is abnormal; it rains and pours (it’s currently just bucketing) and is incredibly cold. And I’ve experienced English summers before, so I know that yes, this is odd. In a way, it’s not too bad: I don’t have to dress for the outdoors AND the libraries (which are all varying degrees of arse-numbingly cold) but at the same time . . . it makes for a very depressing July.

Back in May, my mother sent me these lovely prints from etsy for my birthday. I love their historic nod to the silhouette art trend during the Regency period and beyond, but its flipped on its head with the characterization of the types of tea (which, due to the weather, has become a very large part of my daily life). I can see myself holding onto these and using them throughout my houses as I get older. Right now I’m keeping them safe in their plastic envelopes, but I can’t wait to frame them.

I’ve been trying lots of new recipes, but usually in company so I’m a bit too shy to whip out my iPhone to take photos of the process . . . I’ll try to get over that and start Penny Pinch Tuesdays up again. I received a lovely vintage tea strainer for my birthday, as well, so when I’m lazy I just put together a tray of strawberries to go with my tea, or a little tapas-type thing with a nice gin & tonic (Hendricks all the way).


I also baked some blueberry scones for a bit of tea I had with some lady friends . . . they turned out well, but they’re much more American scones than English ones . . . I’m not sure why, or what I’m doing wrong. It might be time for a scone test kitchen!


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