Olympic Glory

So, they’ve built this statue/mechanical thing in my neighborhood. It’s amazing.

A super-awesome car pulled up next to it, and I couldn’t resist including it in the photo. The bus does press-ups (the English word for push-ups) every so often. It’s very impressive, but slightly disconcerting because it groans and moans and makes all sorts of noises. And I just used the word disconcerting. In regards to the London 2012 Olympics. Totally unintentionally. I apologize. Moving on!

Anyway, it’s pretty righteous.

I keep trying to spend time up in the High Street area of Angel, because I love it so much but I’ll probably (hopefully) soon be moving to South London. As much as I love North London, south of the river is considerably cheaper; as a student, cheap and cheerful is imperative. I’m already pinning loads and loads of soup recipes on my Pinterest boards (soups = cheap, right? right?!)

But finding a new place to live in a city is never easy, so I keep expecting it to be the last visit and then . . . nothing. So I’m getting a bit tired and stressed, I must say. This weekend will hopefully be a very relaxing trip to the Lake District, but that of course depends on if I’m happy with the status of my thesis.

So, you know, things to do. I’m pretty much coping by drinking vats of tea in a day and keeping BBC/Masterpiece theater adaptations of classic literature on rotation in the background.



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