Rakes and Scoundrels

I realize it’s been an age since I posted but I can only blame the sundry activities that take up the hours.

But I suppose a good thing is that I’ve been postponed about gardening, because I’ve been gardening! A few weeks about, in March, when it wasn’t too horrifically cold (but still plenty cold enough, let me tell you) we turned over the plot and pulled weeds for hours and hours. The plot has been left to it’s on devices for a few months, so before we started it looks like this:




Or rather, it looked like that after we raked a good bit of foliage off the top. After that we got into the seriously dirty work for using big forks to turn over the earth and pull the particularly pernicious weeds. There’s the one weed in particular (the predominant one) with leaves that look a bit like parsley or chrysanthemums and long long white roots that just grows and grows. I can’t identify what it is (I’ve looked at different things online, but they all show the weeds in bloom and that obviously hasn’t happened here yet).
But even though I do not yet know it’s name, I hate it with a fiery, fiery passion. I think it’s one of those ‘find the mothership and destroy it’ weeds, which I think we managed last week, but who really knows. Either way, we managed to get it looking like this:



This whole process, I’m aware, is going to be constant maintenance, but it does feel really fantastic to even have it looking like this. Our seedlings are coming along nicely:


We’ve got some cucumbers coming up (the medium-sized sprouts), the perpetual spinach (the small sprouts) seem to be doing something but I can’t say quite what. They’re concerning me, honestly. However, I’m thrilled with the peas. I’m convinced that Gregor Mendel himself could not have grown a better-looking pea. And they’ve got the fantastic little curly stems! It’s still not warm enough to re-plant these pretty things outside, but I am going to start putting them outside for a bit to make them a bit hardier. Honestly, plot maintenance (weed maintenance) is taking up quite a bit of our Sundays, which is nice but would be nicer if there were plants we WANTED in the ground. But I’m starting to feel a bit like this, sometimes:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/jmpuAz59EbQ?rel=0&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I’ve got a picture in my mind of how that garden oughta be.


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