Quite contrary


The garden has been quite contrary indeed. The original seedlings all died, for a variety of reasons, and now pea plants, take 2, and the original spinach are in the ground happily growing away. It’s fun to watch the pea plants reach up and cling to different ropes, support structures, and each other. The little tendrils wrap around the strings so tightly, the next set of leaves springing upward. We’ve planted the pumpkins and the cucumbers (the cucumbers for the third time), and continue weeding the garden. I think we need a fertilizer, but I’m not sure what kind, or how much . . . . research needs to be done.


I’ve also re-done my window boxes, with trailing fuschia and this thing that, I’m not quite sure what it is. Despite the fact that I bought it. It sure is pretty, though.

I’ll soon have lots more space to practice my gardening in, but that’s a post for another time.



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