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First Aid Kit: Stay Gold

Several artists released new albums this month, including the Swedish sisters known as First Aid Kit. I came late to their second major label release, The Lion’s Roar, but I made up for it by playing it non-stop last summer. This summer’s album, Stay Gold, has the same producer as Lion’s Roar, Mike Mogis, and amps up the sound to include strings and other orchestra parts.


image via Pitchfork



The album is just as insanely listenable as their last album, though I’d argue that the singles, Cedar Lane and My Silver Lining, aren’t as immediately catchy as the previous album’s Lion’s Roar, Emmylou, and Wolf. That said, this album certainly illustrates a progression–the harmonies are still incredibly strong, particularly in the song The Bell, and the lyrics are more confessional than previous efforts. The album seems to want to capitalize on the popularity of the dancier singles of the last album, Emmylou and King of the World . . . there certainly seems to be a greater sense of ‘this is what we want to be producing’, for whatever reason. The sisters seem to have a greater sense of artistic control, and lends a more grown-up sound. But they maintain the incredibly appealing 70s mild-psychedelia, traipsing-through-a-meadow-in-a-gunne-sax-dress feeling, particularly in My Silver Lining and the title track Stay Gold.

While I like this album very much, it doesn’t quite have the innate always-on-repeat nature of the last album. But it does keep my interest peaked to see where they’ll be going next, and I’ve already bought tickets to see them at the Royal Albert hall in September.

Best tracks: My Silver Lining, the Bell
Label: Columbia Records